October 7, 2005 Newsletter

Oct. 7, 2005
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October 7, 2005

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Today's Table of Contents:
1. Broadband At Any Cost?
2. Manassas Deploys Full-Scale BPL Network
3. 360 Names "Caregiver" Cox Executive VP
4. Nitronex Launches GaN Transistors for WiMAX
5. Aeroflex Extends Range Of Phase Noise Tests
6. Samsung Shows Aggressive Growth in Consumer ICs
7. Gore's Online Guide Helps Configure Cables
8. Happenings - Conferences

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1.  Viewpoint
Broadband At Any Cost?

Broadband access can be a wonderful thing, especially for anyone who
has waited for a large file to download over a telephone line. But
the venture into broadband services should be made cautiously since
broadband, by its very nature, occupies the spectrum of a multitude
of narrowband signals. The excitement in Manassas earlier this week
(see the next News item) over full-scale deployment of a
broadband-over-powerline (BPL) network is certainly good news for
those waiting for that file to download over the telephone line. But
much is still unknown about the interference effects of BPL on
radio-based systems, most notably equipment operating in the
amateur-radio bands.

The importance and contributions of amateur operators should not be
dismissed in favor of broadband convenience. Late last month, Harold
Kramer, COO of the ARRL, addressed a US congressional hearing on
safety communications, pointing out that amateur operators are still
vital to public safety communications. During Hurricane Katrina,
when all other forms of communications failed, amateur radio
operators provided critical communications.

Technical Director

2. News
Manassas Deploys Full-Scale BPL Network

The Washington, DC suburb of Manassas, VA made history this week
with the first city-wide commercial deployment of
broadband-over-powerline (BPL) technology in the United States.
According to Communication Technologies, Inc. (COMTek), the company
that owns and operates the city's BPL network, roughly 12,500
households in Manassas now are within the reach of its BPL network
and that commercial services are available throughout the city to
2,500 businesses on an on-demand basis. BPL technology uses the
electricity grid in a city and the wiring in individual homes to
provide broadband access through electricity sockets, rather than
over telephone or cable-television (CATV) lines. According to Joseph
Fergus, CEO and Founder of COMTek, "The major national technology
milestone that we are announcing today with the City of Manassas is
the most eloquent possible expression of our commitment to grow the
BPL category of broadband access. The Manassas experiment is a good
thing for every American who lives in any city or town with little
or no access to affordable broadband."

COMTek ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=15AF5:49027F

3. News
360 Names "Caregiver" Cox Executive VP

Video specialist 360 Systems (Westlake Village) has appointed Phil
Cox as Executive Vice President. The company, which supplies
cost-effective electronic products for video professionals,
including high-performance video servers, hopes to leverage Mr.
Cox's more than 30 years of experience in the development of
international markets for such notable companies as California
Amplifier (CalAmp), Signal Technology (ST), and M/A-COM. Prior to
joining 360 Systems, Mr. Cox had arranged for a donated 18-wheel
tractor trailer truck to transport much needed food and clothing for
the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The charitable effort, coordinated
by Mr. Cox, included truck, driver, and gas donated by Comscope,
funding from Chuck Swift (of C. W. Swift & Associates), and generous
support from local citizens in the Westlake Village area.

360 Systems ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=15AF8:49027F

4. News
Nitronex Launches GaN Transistors for WiMAX

Eyeing huge potential growth in the emerging broadband WiMAX
infrastructure market, semiconductor supplier Nitronex Corp. has
announced a series of RF power transistors based on its unique
SIGANTIC gallium nitride (GaN) on silicon process technology. The
initial products included 10- and 50-W transistors supporting both
the 2.5- and 3.5-GHz segments of the WiMAX market. The power
transistors are designed for broadband use, over ranges of 2.3 to
2.7 GHz and 3.3 to 3.8 GHz, respectively. According to Chris Rauh,
vice present of sales and marketing for Nitronex, "it is the first
commercial introduction of a GaN based device grown on silicon for
the wireless infrastructure market, and we are extremely proud of
this first-of-its-kind accomplishment." The firm hopes to announce
devices for 5.8-GHz applications next year.

Nitronex Corp. ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=15AF9:49027F

5. News
Aeroflex Extends Range Of Phase Noise Tests

By boosting the frequency range of their model PN9278 frequency
downconverter to 50 GHz, Aeroflex has effectively increased the
range of their phase-noise test sets (PN9000 series) to that same
upper-frequency limit. The downconverter now operates from 1 to 50
GHz and plugs into any of the company's phase-noise or jitter
testers. When combined with a PN9500 phase-noise test system, the
downconverter supports phase-noise measurements at offsets to 200
MHz. The downconverter features a noise floor as low as -168 dBc/Hz
at 2 GHz and phase noise of -95 dBc/Hz offset 100 Hz from a 9-GHz

Aeroflex ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=15AFA:49027F

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6. News
Samsung Shows Aggressive Growth in Consumer ICs

Samsung Electronics nearly doubled sales of consumer-oriented
semiconductors in 2004. According to market specialist iSuppli
Corp., Samsung's consumer semiconductor sales jumped from $1.1
billion in 2003 to $2.1 billion in 2004, a spurt of more than 84
percent. Still holding the top spot, according to the study
"Consumer Electronics Semiconductor Market Share 2005," is Toshiba
with $5.1 billion in sales (up 16.6 percent over 2003), followed by
Sony with $3.7 billion in sales (up 22.6 percent over 2003),
Matsushita with $2.7 billion (up almost 20 percent), and Samsung.

iSuppli Corp. ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=15AFB:49027F

7. News
Gore's Online Guide Helps Configure Cables

WL Gore has developed an online design guide to help engineers
configure the firm's High Flex Flat Cable or Trackless Cable from
standard components with five-day lead times. The new High Flex Flat
Cable and Trackless Cable Configurator generates a three-dimensional
computer-aided-design (CAD) model via a quick, streamlined
step-by-step procedure. The High Flex Flat Cables and Trackless
Cables, suitable for machine control, are designed and tested to
achieve 10 million cycles on a 2-in. (50 mm) bend radius.

WL Gore (design guide) ---> http://news.mwrf.com/t?ctl=15AF4:49027F

8.  Happenings - Conferences

42nd Annual Association of Old Crows (AOC)
October 23-26, 2005
Virginia Beach, VA

IEEE Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium
formerly the GaAs IC Symposium)
October 30 - November 2, 2005
Palm Springs, CA

ARMMS RF & Microwave Conference
November 7-8, 2005
Harben House Hotel, Newport Pagnell, England

Wireless Congress 2005: Systems and Applications
November 9-10, 2005
Munich, Germany

Automatic RF Techniques Group (ARFTG)
66th Microwave Measurements Conference
December 1-2, 2005
Marriot Hotel, Washington, DC

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