August 25, 2005 Newsletter

Aug. 25, 2005
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August 25, 2005

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Today's Table of Contents:
1. Bridging the Academic-Professional Gap 
2. Free DVD Offers Tour of Microtech 
3. Rockwell Collins Names ATC Cap Supplier Of Year 
4. GaAs IC Suppliers To Benefit From Optical Growth
5. Power Amp Drives 25-31-GHz Satcom Systems 
6. GE, Rolls-Royce Win $2.4B JSF Contract 
7. Antenna Design Course Is Free 
8. Book Review: The Mobile Multimedia Business 
9. Happenings - Conferences 

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1.  Viewpoint 
Bridging the Academic-Professional Gap

End of summer brings with it the usual host of radio and newspaper 
reporting on the state of undergraduate and post-graduate education. 
Many of these stories focus on the rising costs of education, 
increasing typically more than 47 percent just in the NY State 
university system.

Perhaps a larger issue for high-frequency firms has to do with the 
search for good engineering talent, and the gap between what the 
engineering graduate knows, and what a high-frequency or other 
engineering firm needs. And this educational gap seems to widen each 
year as companies cut intern programs and as communications decrease 
between industry and academia. In better times, leading engineering 
companies would often "loan" an employee to a university to serve as 
a part-time professor. 

Clearly, there is a need in this country to forge a stronger link 
between engineering schools and engineering companies, but it takes 
willingness on both sides to make it work. When it does, both sides 

Technical Director

2. News
Free DVD Offers Tour of Microtech

A free Capabilities DVD from Microtech (Cheshire, CT) features a 
brief tour of the firm's world-class in-house manufacturing 
facilities. Celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, Microtech 
is a leader in waveguide products and boasts a long list of in-house 
capabilities, including CNC machining, plating, soldering, brazing, 
and rubber molding. For a free copy of the DVD, contact Don Effgen 
at (203) 272-3234 or by e-mail at mailto:[email protected].
Microtech --->

3. News
Rockwell Collins Names ATC Cap Supplier Of Year

Rockwell Collins (Cedar Rapids, IA) recently named American 
Technical Ceramics Capacitor Supplier of the Year. The award was 
made for several factors, including outstanding sales support, 
excellent engineering support, reduced lead times, and flexibility 
to work with Rockwell Collins. Victor Insetta, President and CEO of 
ATC, stated that "we are very honored to receive this recognition. 
This honor from a truly world-class company demonstrates ATC's 
commitment to being the 'Engineer's Choice' and a partner in working 
with our customers." ATC supplies a wide range of high-performance 
RF/microwave capacitors and thin-film circuits, while Rockwell 
Collins is a leader in communications and avionics systems for 
commercial and military customers. 
American Technical Ceramics --->
Rockwell Collins --->

4. News
GaAs IC Suppliers To Benefit From Optical Growth

Growth of 27 percent is projected for the high-speed fiber-optic IC 
market in 2005. This optimism stems from the report "Fiber-optic 
Analog IC Market and Technology Dynamics," by the Gallium Arsenide & 
Compound Semiconductor Service at research specialist Strategy 
Analytics (Boston, MA). The market for high-speed fiber-optic ICs is 
expected to expand from a base level of $280 million in 2004. OC-48 
and OC-192 links will be at the center of this growth, and the 
deployment of high capacity routers will also begin to stimulate 
OC-768 purchases. Overall, the market will grow at a CAAGR of 24 
percent through to 2009. GaAs IC vendors will benefit, especially 
for laser drivers. The report also examines the market potential for 
other IC technologies, including silicon (Si), silicon germanium 
(SiGe), and indium phosphide (InP).
Strategy Analytics --->

5. News
Power Amp Drives 25-31-GHz Satcom Systems

Ideal for commercial and military airborne and mobile satellite 
communications (satcom) systems operating from 25 to 31 GHz, the 
MPC4-2531 is an outdoor unit (ODU) from Sophia Wireless that 
delivers 20 W output power. It consists of a power amplifier, 
monitor and control processor, and protection circuitry in a compact 
enclosure for outdoor use. The amplifier provides better than 45 dB 
gain with less than 3-dB variation across the frequency range.
Sophia Wireless --->

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6. News
GE, Rolls-Royce Win $2.4B JSF Contract

General Electric (Fairfield, CT) and Rolls-Royce (Indianapolis, IN) 
have won a contract for $2.4 billion to supply engines for the Joint 
Strike Fighter (JSF)F-35 aircraft. The contract, which runs through 
2013, includes research, development, and test equipment, with 
delivery of production F-136 engines scheduled for 2012. The 
original JSF engine contract (for about $4 billion) was awarded in 
2001 to United Technologies' Pratt & Whitney unit (East Hartford, 
CT), but General Electric and Rolls-Royce convinced the Department 
of Defense (DoD) of the need for a second engine source as backup. 
Lockheed-Martin Corp. (Bethesda, MD) is the prime contractor for the 
JSF program, with the JSF scheduled for a first flight next year.   
General Electric --->
Rolls-Royce --->
Pratt & Whitney --->
Lockheed Martin --->

7. News
Antenna Design Course Is Free

Antenna specialist Radio Waves (North Billerica, MA) is offering a 
free Radio Waves Technical Institute (RWTI), the firm's short course 
on antenna design. Normally priced at $950 per person, the RWTI is 
scheduled for September 12th in Columbus, OH. The course covers 
microwave antenna system basics from design, to application, to 
installation of microwave antennas for licensed and unlicensed 
networks. To learn more about this free RWTI and reserve a space 
please contact Radio Waves at mailto:[email protected] or 
Radio Waves --->

8. Book Review
The Mobile Multimedia Business

Written by Bernd Eylert, The Mobile Multimedia Business ($99.95, 
ISBN: 047001234X) examines mobile communications markets and trends, 
and explores the types of services and applications that will drive 
the growth of third- and fourth-generation cellular systems for 
years to come. Application areas include telematics, entertainment, 
remote monitoring, and mobile shopping. This strictly nontechnical 
text is aimed at marketing professionals working to supply hardware 
and software for mobile communications systems; it is rich with 
statistics and projections.
John Wiley & Sons --->

9.  Happenings - Conferences
European Microwave Week 2005
October 3-7, 2005
Paris, France

Bipolar Circuits and Technology Meeting (BCTM)
October 10-11, 2005
Santa Barbara, CA

IEEE Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium 
(formerly the GaAs IC Symposium)
October 30 - November 2, 2005
Palm Springs, CA

Wireless Congress 2005: Systems and Applications
November 9-10, 2005
Munich, Germany

Automatic RF Techniques Group (ARFTG)
66th Microwave Measurements Conference
December 1-2, 2005
Marriot Hotel, Washington, DC

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