Book Review: Ultra-wideband Radio Technology

Oct. 22, 2004
Authors: Kazimierz Siwiak and Debra McKeown

One of the most controversial radio technologies of our time, ultrawideband (UWB) receives exhaustive coverage in this 2004 text. The book is in two parts, with the opening half providing a simple high-level conceptual discussion of UWB and the second offering a more mathematical, engineering examination of this short-range, high-data-rate technology. UWB technology is one of the candidates for broadband wireless services within a subscriber's home, and this text offers a wealth of information on propagation issues, radiation of high-speed pulsed signals in free space, antenna effects, multipath effects on UWB transmissions, and interference effects. The text also features a section dedicated to UWB system limits and capacity, with details on UWB link budgets, receiver sensitivity and gain, and link capacity under various multipath conditions. The authors, both with TimeDerivative, Inc., explain the key advantages of UWB technology versus more conventional radio approaches, as well as a global perspective based on the history of the technology.

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