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Jan. 31, 2007
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January 31, 2007

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Today's Table of Contents:

1. Education Is Everywhere Online
2. Teal Group To Forecast Aerospace Markets 
3. Flomerics In Running For IEC Design Award 
4. Nujira Closes Funding For Efficient Amplifiers 
5. Terahertz Communications Lab Aims For 300 GHz
6. Rockwell Collins Roll Out Microwave Tuner 
7. Broadband Switch Handles 50 W Power 
8. Happenings - Conferences 

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1.  Viewpoint 
Education Is Everywhere Online

Opponents of the Internet have often pointed to the steamy stories of 
sex and kidnapping found on the evening news that started as seemingly 
innocent conversations in online chat rooms. Unfortunately, these 
sordid incidents paint a gloomy picture for a networking tool that has 
much to offer in the way of education. 

In the world of professional audio, learning new software or 
hard-disk-based tools can be daunting in terms of selecting the right 
plug-ins, the right outboard processing, and other tools of the trade. 
But online chat rooms and user-group sites can make learning these new 
tools a bit less painful.

In the RF/microwave/wireless world, the sites are many for free 
information in the forms of white papers, application notes, and 
technical guidance. Recently, Microwaves & RF has teamed on several 
other educational sites, such as the RF Components Blog on the main 
site and the new Engineering TV site at www.engineeringtv.com that 
offers practical videos on engineering issues. For all the bad parts, 
there is much to like about the educational potential of the Internet 
for engineers. 

Technical Director

2. News
Teal Group To Forecast Aerospace Markets

Future trends in aerospace and defense spending will be the topics of 
a Teal Group forum presented by the American Institute of Aeronautics 
and Astronautics (AIAA) on March 6, 2007, at the Renaissance 
Washington Hotel, Washington, DC. The presentation, "Aerospace Markets 
- The Decade Ahead," will include trends in technologies, services, 
and spending based on unbiased views from experts at the 
Teal Group, an independent aerospace and defense consulting firm based 
in Fairfax, VA. The program offers a complete look at aerospace 
business with analysis covering future trends in civil and military 
aircraft production, the aerospace power turbine market, UAV markets, 
and airborne military electronics. Production of 42,499 aircraft worth 
$1.253 trillion is forecast between 2007 and 2016. The military 
component of this market is worth $342.7 billion, while the civil 
sector is worth $910.1 billion.
AIAA ---> http://www.aiaa.org/events/aeromarkets/
Teal Group ---> http://www.tealgroup.com/

3. News
Flomerics In Running For IEC Design Award

The International Engineering Consortium (IEC) has announced that the 
FLO/PCB thermal design software from Flomerics is one of only three 
finalists in the PCB Design Tools category of their 2007 DesignVision 
Awards. Finalists were chosen from among a record number of competing 
products by a panel of judges selected from DesignCon's Technical 
Program Committee. According to Mike Reynell, Director of Marketing 
for Flomerics, "We are delighted that the IEC has recognized FLO/PCB 
software as one of the top three PCB design tools in 2007." A key 
advantage of FLO/PCB is its interface to Cadence(R) Allegro(R) PCB 
Editor software. The FLO/PCB/Allegro interface transfers information 
about the PCB's geometry and components needed to perform thermal 
analysis. It can quickly analyze the design from a thermal standpoint 
and identify problems at a stage in the design process when they can 
be quickly and inexpensively corrected.
Flomerics ---> http://www.flomerics.com/

4. News
Nujira Closes Funding For Efficient Amplifiers

Nujira has closed a $9.8 million Series B funding round to continue 
support of its high-efficiency amplifier development for wireless 3G 
networks. The firm's high accuracy tracking (HAT) technology is the 
key to future success. According to Mike McTighe, Nujira's 
non-executive chairman, "Nujira's innovative HAT(TM) technology 
provides a dramatic improvement in the efficiency of RF power 
amplifiers enabling the design of smaller, cheaper and significantly 
more power-efficient 3G/WiMAX base stations and DVB systems." Tim 
Haynes, CEO of Nujira, adds "We have made significant progress in the 
past two years, both commercially and technically, and we are very 
pleased to have the continuing support of our investors.  The new 
investment will allow us to ramp up the manufacture of our HAT 
modulators to meet customer demand and further commercialize the 
Nujira ---> http://www.nujira.com/

5. News
Terahertz Communications Lab Aims For 300 GHz

Four research groups from the Institute for High-frequency Technology, 
the Institute for Communications Technology (both part of the 
Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany), and the 
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (National Metrology Institute of 
Germany) have jointly launched the Terahertz Communications Lab to 
explore and develop multigigabit communications in the gigahertz and 
terahertz frequency ranges. Three projects are already underway for 
indoor communications: channel characterization at terahertz 
frequencies, transceiver and component development, and development of 
a 300-GHz demonstration unit. The lab's initiator is Professor Dr. 
Martin Koch from the Institute for High-Frequency Technology.
Terahertz Communications Lab ---> http://www.tcl.tu-bs.de

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6. News
Rockwell Collins Roll Out Microwave Tuner

Rockwell Collins has introduced its model CS-6040 Microwave Tuner for 
applications in signal intelligence (SIGINT) and electronic warfare 
(EW) systems. The tuner ranges from 0.1 to 20.0 GHz with an optional 
extension to millimeter-wave frequencies. According to Bruce King, 
Vice-President and General Manager of Communications Systems for 
Rockwell Collins, "The outstanding phase noise, tuning speed, dynamic 
range and group delay performance make this the tuner of choice for 
the search and collection of communication and radar signals." The 
embedded display capabilities enhance situational awareness for the 
warfighter by offering full-spectrum, channelized and pan displays.
Rockwell Collins ---> http://www.rockwellcollins.com/

7. News
Broadband Switch Handles 50 W Power

Model 50S-1530 is a single-pole, double-throw switch developed by JFW 
Industries for broadband applications from 20 to 2500 MHz. It handles 
50 W CW power over that range and is designed for systems where 
reliability is critical. The maximum VSWR is 1.40:1 while the 
insertion loss is held to a maximum of 1.5 dB and typically only 1 dB 
across the frequency range. A variety of connector options are 
available, including SMA, TNC, and Type N connectors. In addition, 
custom configurations are also available.
JFW Industries ---> http://www.jfwindustries.com/

8.  Happenings - Conferences
2007 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC)
February 11-15, 2007
San Francisco Marriot Hotel
San Francisco, CA

International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging
March 19-22, 2007
Doubletree Paradise Valley Resort
Scottsdale, AZ

RFID World 2007
March 26-28, 2007
Grapevine, TX

IEEE Sarnoff Symposium 2007
April 30-May 2, 2007
Sarnoff Labs
Princeton, NJ

2007 IEEE/MTT-S International Microwave Symposium
June 3-8, 2007
Hawaii Convention Center
Honolulu, HI

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