August 23, 2007 Newsletter

Aug. 23, 2007
Microwaves & RF UPDATE | August 23, 2007 Jack Browne, Technical Director Try the Agilent 89600 VSA Software - FREE! Try the ...
Microwaves & RF UPDATE | August 23, 2007

Jack Browne, Technical Director

Try the Agilent 89600 VSA Software - FREE!

Try the industry's leading Vector Signal Analysis (VSA) software FREE and speed your signal troubleshooting and evaluation tasks. The CD includes everything you need: recorded signals, help text, brochures and getting started videos.

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Software On The Go
By Jack Browne, MWRF Technical Director

Software of all kinds plays increasingly important roles in everyday life. On an engineering level, of course, software circuit and electromagnetic (EM) simulators have made it possible to analyze structures that were once designed solely by trial and error. Design times have been shaved dramatically as a result of these simulation tools, and system-level simulations have made it possible to combine complex arrays of components and circuits with a fairly good understand of the final system's performance.

On a consumer level, most people would be lost without the operating system in their personal computer (PC), or in their cell phone, or their personal digital assistant (PDA). Software has taken over some of our thought processes and some of our organic "memory space" that we once dedicated to remembering key facts, such as names, addresses, and phone numbers.

The inevitable use of software is to replace humanoids all together, through the use of intelligent robotics systems. Curiously, LabVIEW software, which is perhaps most associated with automatic test equipment (ATE), has successfully been applied to a humanoid robot to study locomotion. Robotics technology is still in its infancy, but it is possible that robots may take over some of the tasks now performed by humans, within the lifetimes of many readers. Whether that is a good thing, only time, and our readers, can tell.

New Agilent USB Power Sensor Brings Mobility To Power Measurements

Agilent's U2000 Series USB power sensors measure true average power from RF and microwave devices and make setup fast and simple by providing plug-and-play USB connectivity, and by eliminating the need for a separate power meter. The U2000 Series is an affordable solution that doesn't compromise on performance in multi-channel power measurements. Get what you need: simple set up, beyond just a sensor.

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RapidIO Runs Educational Webcasts

The RapidIO Trade Association, the organization devoted to the proliferation of the high- speed interface after which it is named, has developed a series of online webcasts designed to educate engineering managers, system designers, and embedded product developers on how to include RapidIO technology into their next-generation products. Scheduled for September through November, the webcasts cover defense and military applications (September 12), RapidIO for ATCA, microTCA, and custom form-factor systems (October 10), RapidIO for ATCA and microTCA (October 22), and RapidIO for next-generation storage systems (November, date to be determined). Sponsors include Mercury Computer Systems, Tundra Semiconductor, and Curtiss Wright. According to Tom Cox, Executive Director of the RapidIO Trade Association, "Bringing this level of expertise together in four unique webcasts is unprecedented, and will provide OEMs with unparalleled insights into RapidIO design methodologies." For more information, visit the link below.

RapidIO Trade Association

QUALCOMM Breaks Into Semiconductor Top Ten

QUALCOMM, well known for its communications technologies, has ascended to the ranks of the top 10 in global semiconductor producers according to a report from iSuppli Corp. This marks the first time that a company without its own foundry has achieved this landmark. QUALCOMM rose to ninth place among global semiconductor suppliers in the second quarter of 2007, up from 13th place in the previous quarter. The firm achieved revenue of $1.4 billion in the second quarter, up 8.6 percent from the $1.3 billion reported in the first quarter. This milestone has QUALCOMM passing several well-respected suppliers, including Freescale Semiconductor, NEC Electronics, and Infineon Technologies AG.

iSuppli Corp.


More News

Agilent Integrates EM Simulator Into Genesys
Egyptsat Signs for New Bird
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LabVIEW Software Energizes Humanoid Robot

Comparing and Using LXI and PXI in Test Systems Webcast Series

This three-part webcast series presented by Agilent Technologies will explore a comparison of LXI and PXI measurement platforms, journey into maximizing the usefulness of each platform, and then look at optimizing system performance using smart instruments in LXI.

For more information, click here.

Happenings - Conferences

70th ARFTG Microwave Measurement Symposium
November 27-30, 2007
Tempe Mission Palms Hotel
Tempe, AZ

2007 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference
December 11-14, 2007
Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel
Bangkok, Thailand

2008 IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium (with WAMICON)
January 22-24, 2008
Orlando, FL

2008 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC)
February 3-7, 2008
San Francisco Marriot Hotel
San Francisco, CA

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