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ARRIS/VCOM System Accepted for RUS

A 700-MHz wireless system jointly developed by VCom, Inc. (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) and ARRIS (Suwanee, GA) has been accepted by the Rural Utility Service (RUS) for purchase under the RUS Broadband Loan Program. The system is based on DOCSIS 2.0 technology using a fixed modulation scheme for broadband service over long distances. Such technology is essential for areas that are underserved with lower population densities where closely spaced cells of fixed terrestrial infrastructure are difficult to economically justify. The system includes ARRIS's wireless enhanced Cadant(r) C3(tm) Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) and WM450 modems, and VCom's advanced 700 MHz Broadband Wireless Internet Network (BWIN(tm)) technology. According to Richard Blenkinsop, VCom's Systems Vice President, "We are the first organizations to meet the RUS Buy American provision and receive acceptance as broadband wireless equipment providers under the RUS Wireless Networks classification." Vcom --> ARRIS -->

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