Amplifiers Span 20 To 4000 MHz

To satisfy applications ranging from point-topoint and multipoint radios to military jammers, an amplifier line boasts noise figures down to 0.9 dB. The QBH-8900 series amplifiers are available in frequencies from 20 to 4000 MHz. Second-intercept-point values range up to +75 dBm while intercepts reach +45 dBm. The QBH-8900 series from 10 to 28 dB. In addition to a lightweight, low-cost, package, no external circuitry is needed. The amplifiers, which feature internal blocking caps, biasing circuitry, and RF matching, require only a direct-current (DC) power supply. P&A: $50 to $99 depending on quantity and configuration, 4 to 6 wks.

Spectrum Microwave, 2144 Franklin Dr. NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905; (321) 727-1838, FAX: (321) 727-3729, Internet:

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