6G eGuide: Ten key enablers for 6G wireless communications

Feb. 8, 2024
Learn more about the ten key technologies that stand to shape the next generation of wireless communications. Discover a wireless world and the transformative power of 6G with our 6G eGuide.

Explore 6G use cases and discover the key technologies shaping the future of wireless communications. With the implementation of 6G, extended reality (XR) will blur the line between physical and virtual realms, offering unprecedented immersive experiences. The challenge of 6G is the seamless integration of wireless communications, sensor technology and cloud computing. For this to be feasible, a 6G network must surpass current 4G LTE and 5G networks in every aspect. Technologies essential to achieving this ambitious goal include THz communications, joint communications and sensing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, reconfigurable intelligent surfaces and photonics. Learn more about these key technologies.