About Pontosense

Pontosense is a provider of wireless sensing integration technologies for the world's most innovative companies.


More Info on Pontosense

How it works

Wireless Intelligent Sensing drives the future of human-centric technology. ​By using RF sensing to capture the tiniest micromovements, we can understand how feelings are reflected in vitals, providing important health insights to users. 

The basics of RF sensing

Our RF sensor sends out mmWaves that are reflected when they interact with subjects in their path. Micromovements like breathing or heartbeats create different reflected signals that our AI algorithms analyze to derive critical biometrics.

Automotive applications

With Pontosense’s in-cabin wireless sensor, passenger vitals data such as breathing rate, heart rate, and HRV are detected and collected through a secure and wireless connection for proactive safety monitoring and enhanced user experience.

Presence & location

Detect passenger occupancy and seating positions in all rows and footwells to enable advanced features like seatbelt reminders without seat sensors, and reconfigurable cabins based on passenger location.

Occupant classification 

Differentiating passengers such as adults and children allows for advanced features like optimized airbag deployment and child presence detection to ensure kids don’t get left behind​.