e360 Microwave

Santa Clara, CA 95054


About e360 Microwave

​We are a Silicon Valley-based RF/Microwave technology company ​focused on high-​value solutions.


2982 Scott Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054

More Info on e360 Microwave

e360 microwave is building on the goodwill of a California corporation launched in 2007. The new name "e360 microwave" represents all around excellence with RF and microwave technology. The e360 brand also brings a new, broader and more focused direction to the company.

We are a team of industry experts, each with 20+ years of RF/Microwave experience ranging from RF semiconductors to active and passive components to system level solutions. Our executive experience at Fortune 500 corporations where we envisioned, defined and successfully executed on strategic initiatives in engineering, operations and business development shapes our corporate discipline. Coupled with leading several dynamic, highly customer focused start-up companies, affords us with an excellent balance between "structure" and "customer obsession".