Dialog Semi's SLG47105V HV PAK Four-Output Mixed-signal Matrix Demo Kit

Nov. 5, 2021
We take a close-up look at the demo kit for the SLG47105V HV PAK Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix with Four Outputs with Operating Voltage up to 13.2V and up to 2A Current per Output

The SLG47105 combines mixed-signal logic and high-voltage H-bridge functionality in a tiny 2 x 3 mm QFN package. One time programmable (OTP) Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) stores user-defined solutions in the form of interconnections of internal logic, I/O pins, and macrocells. Integrated dual H-Bridge/quad Half-Bridge functionality allows driving different loads up to 2A per output with up to 13.2V voltage. The SLG47105 advanced PWM macrocells provide the ability to drive multiple motors with different PWM frequencies and duty cycles. Low idle current consumption in combination with a compact size further extends the field of possible applications.