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Vendor Product Submission

May 7, 2021

Microwaves & RF Vendor Portal

We at Microwaves & RF love to highlight new products from our industry's vendors, which are perennially of high interest to our audience. We often learn of them via press releases emailed to us. We want to know about all the news emanating from vendors, but here the object is new-product announcements and how you can most efficiently get them considered for publication.

Streamlining Product Submissions

We often publish products in a Media Gallery, in which each product is presented with an image and a short description. The product mix in a gallery can vary. For example, we may group together products by categories, such as wireless or test & measurement products. Or, it might be a set of product intros from an important industry event such as the International Microwave Symposium.

So, here's how you can most efficiently bring your company's new products to our editors' attention. Start by downloading our New Product Submission form by clicking on the Download button below. Also download the Product Submission Form instructions for details about the fields in the form.

Submitting a Product

To submit a new-product announcement using the form:

  • Fill out the PDF file and save it as a PDF (not in any other format such as a .doc file).
  • Email the form and an attached high-resolution image to [email protected]. Begin your email's subject line with Product Submission: [company] [product name]. 
  • Keep an eye out for an email from us when we post the product. This may take four weeks or more; please be patient. 

Some caveats:

  • Send at most one product per month using this approach. It is designed to highlight. You can send any number of regular press-release emails and you can send a regular press release email as well as one of these forms for the same product. 
  • This approach should be used only for new-product announcements. 
  • You can still contact us if you want to set up a call to discuss a product. Keep in mind that we are time-limited; please reserve briefing requests for very important announcements. 

As noted above, the Download button below provides the product submission form. Also see the product submission form instructions.