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Microwaves & RF 60th Anniversary Survey

May 6, 2021
Who or what do you think is the most influential person, technology, or product that has impacted the microwaves and RF industry over the past 60 years?

Log in to submit an entry. A lot of significant products and technologies have emerged in this space over the past 60 years, with many people making major contributions. We want to highlight them with your help.

Once you have logged in, you can submit an entry using the following form. Click Done after completing the form. 

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The video goes through the steps for starting to use Python and SCPI commands to automate Copper Mountain Technologies VNAs. The process of downloading and installing Python IDC...

Can I Use the VNA Software Without an Instrument?

Our VNA software application offers a demo mode feature, which does not require a physical VNA to use. Demo mode is easy to access and allows you to simulate the use of various...

Introduction to Copper Mountain Technologies' Multiport VNA

Modern RF applications are constantly evolving and demand increasingly sophisticated test instrumentation, perfect for a multiport VNA.

Automating Vector Network Analyzer Measurements

Copper Mountain Technology VNAs can be automated by using either of two interfaces: a COM (also known as ActiveX) interface, or a TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) socket interface...