Bruno Damien

Marketing Director of IoT, EMEA region

Bruno Damien spent the first six years of his 30-year-long career in the electronics industry with telecom giants and pioneers in GSM and ADSL communication.

After various technical and commercial direction functions in the past 20 years at AMD, Mietec, AMIS, and ON Semiconductor, he has been pioneering energy harvesting enabled connectivity. At Electronica 2014, he helped introduce a light sensor connected with an ultra-low power 802.15.4 system-on-chip (SoC), powered by a credit-card-sized solar cell.

With the rise of the Internet of Things, Bruno now serves as Marketing Director of IoT for the EMEA region at ON Semiconductor. He has helped launch the award-winning IoT Development Kit (IDK) and played a pivotal role in the promotion of ON Semiconductor’s portfolio of energy-efficient supply, connectivity, sensing, and actuation solutions designed specifically for IoT networks.