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Istvan Novak

Principal Signal and Power Integrity Engineer, Samtec

Istvan Novak is a Principal Signal and Power Integrity Engineer at Samtec, working on advanced signal- and power-integrity designs. Before 2018, he was a Distinguished Engineer at SUN Microsystems (later Oracle). He worked on new technology development, advanced power distribution, and signal-integrity design and validation methodologies for SUN’s workgroup server families.

Novak introduced the industry's first 25-μm power-ground laminates for large rigid computer boards and worked with component vendors to create a series of low inductance and controlled-ESR bypass capacitors. He also served as SUN’s representative on the Copper Cable and Connector Workgroup of InfiniBand and was engaged in the methodologies, designs, and characterization of power-distribution networks from silicon to DC-DC converters.

Novak is a Life Fellow of the IEEE with 29 patents to his name. He’s also the author of two books on power integrity, teaches signal- and power-integrity courses, and maintains a popular SI/PI website. Istvan was named Engineer of the Year at DesignCon 2020.