Dr. Cheng Y. Lu

Chief Communications System Engineer

Dr. Lu has over 35 years of experience in digital communication system and DSP design;. He's the design lead in advanced high-speed digital communications modem (PHY), transceiver, wireless communication systems. Experience in major industrial companies includes TTC/Curtiss-Wright (Newtown, Pa.), Centillium Communications (Fremont, Calif.), Sarnoff Corp. (Princeton, N.J.), Mitsubishi Research (Princeton, N.J.), Panasonic Communication Research (Princeton, N.J.); Thomson Multimedia (Indianapolis, Ind.).

Dr. Lu has seven U.S./international patents(granted), three patent applications in pending, and 26 technical paper publications. In TTC/Curtiss-Wright, he's the lead in OFDM based transceiver (PHY) design, iNET SOQPSK transceiver (PHY) design, and long-range wireless transmitter, receivers. Technical focus includes advanced digital modulations, FEC (forward error correction) techniques, signal synchronization, channel equalization, MIMO algorithms, channel estimations, digital filter/estimation techniques, and DSP implementation in high-performance FPGA, ASIC, and DSP processors. Besides PHY layer design, his technical interests also include network cross-layer optimization in communications systems.