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The EnsembleSeries DCM6111 6U

Secure Digital Transceiver Aims at High-Threat Environments

A digital transceiver features a modular architecture with 12-b precision and high-speed sampling.

The EnsembleSeries DCM6111 6U VPX digital transceiver is the latest addition to a line of low-latency systems for use in high-threat environments. Developed by Mercury Systems, it leverages the company’s BuiltSECURE technology to allow high-security system designers to quickly develop custom system security engineering (SSE) solutions to detect and mitigate adversarial attacks.

The transceiver (see figure) is designed in accordance with OpenVPX standards and provides the signal processing capabilities to hand advanced electronic warfare (EW) applications in particularly harsh and hostile environments.

The EnsembleSeries DCM6111 6U VPX digital transceiver uses high-speed ADCs and DACs operating with 12-b resolution and sampling rates of better than 2.5 GSamples/s. (Photo courtesy of Mercury Systems)

The transceiver builds upon high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and their supporting circuitry to achieve multiple-channel, low-latency performance in a compact housing. The design includes two 12-b ADCs operating at 2.5 GSamples/s for the receive path and two 12-b DACs running at 3.0 GSamples/s for the transmit path. By using the OpenVPX architecture, the transceiver can achieve high-level performance without an expensive development path, with reliable performance on an electromagnetic (EM) battlefield.

“Today’s product announcement exemplifies how Mercury delivers value to defense prime contractors by skillfully blending our deep domain expertise in analog and digital integration with agile security architectures,” said Charlie Hudnall, vice president and general manager of Mercury’s Embedded Sensor Products group. “Our military forces around the globe can confidently rely on Mercury’s broad portfolio of future-proof electronic warfare solutions to protect our warfighters and our national interests.”

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