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Mercury Acquires Delta Microwave

Mercury Systems has acquired Delta Microwave, a supplier of RF/microwave components and subsystems.

Mercury Systems recently added to its capabilities in RF/microwave engineering with the acquisition of Delta Microwave, a stalwart designer and manufacturer of high-frequency active and passive components. Delta is well known for active components, such as power amplifiers, and passive components, like power dividers and filters.

The addition of Delta Microwave strengthens Mercury’s engineering capabilities at RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave frequencies and deepens its market penetration into key markets—including guided munitions, electronic warfare (EW), and radar. The acquisition also opens new opportunities in areas such as space and satellite communications (satcom) systems.

Based in Oxnard, Calif., Delta Microwave is a long-time developer of components and multi-function integrated subassemblies for military and space applications. The company has enjoyed success in these markets for its capabilities to combine complementary functions, such as filters and amplifiers, into compact housings that are also built for high reliability. It has been a leader in providing competitive size, weight, and power (SWAP) combinations that result in enhanced and more efficient performance at the system level.

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