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Marine Corps Looks to BAE for Amphibious Systems

BAE Systems received a contract award from the U.S. Marine Corps for 30 amphibious vehicles, with an option that could bring the total number of vehicles to 204 and the total contract value to $1.2 billion.

BAE Systems is in solid position to become the key contractor for the next generation of amphibious vehicles for the U.S. Marine Corps, after that branch of the military awarded BAE a $198 million contract to deliver an initial 30 amphibious combat vehicles (ACVs). The contract includes options for a total of 204 ACVs, which could boost the value of the contract to $1.2 billion. The contract award comes as the result of a stiff competition that involved BAE Systems and teammate Iveco Defence Vehicles against many industry leaders. The ACVs are used to transport Marines from ship to shore as part of land combat operations.

“We are well positioned and ready to build the future of amphibious fighting vehicles for the Marine Corps, having already produced 16 prototypes,” said Dean Medland, vice president and general manager of Combat Vehicles Amphibious and International at BAE Systems. “Through this award, we are proud to continue our partnership with the Marine Corps by providing a best-in-class vehicle to support its mission through mobility, survivability, and lethality.” The new ACVs are designed with a six-cylinder, 700-hp engine for significant increase in power over currently used Assault Amphibious Vehicles.

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