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Emergency Data Streaming Receives Canadian Patent

Aerospace data streaming technology for use during in-flight emergencies has received a Canadian patent.

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. has received a Canadian patent for its real-time data streaming technology, FLYHTStream. The commercially available emergency data streaming technology received the recognition from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, which is in addition to patents already received for the technology from the United States and China. The company has long been devoted to improvements in aviation safety, efficiency, and profitability. This patent number 2,796,119 is titled Automated Aircraft Flight Data Delivery and Management System with Demand Mode and was issued on May 1.

“FLYHT is the industry leader in real-time data streaming and recently demonstrated the functionality for cockpit audio and flight data streaming as part of the Boeing EcoDemonstrator Program,” remarked FLYHT’s CTO Derek Graham. “This patent protects our intellectual property which we believe will ultimately be adopted throughout all of commercial air transport.”

The FLYHTStream technology provides assistance during airline emergencies. It sends flight data recorder information to the airline immediately, through a real-time communications network, so airlines and investigators know the status and exact location of the aircraft. The technology enables data streaming to be initiated during an emergency by pilots using an event button in the cockpit or by an operations team on the ground. Key airline personnel are notified immediately, and essential data is streamed from the aircraft.


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