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Electric propulsion system BAE Systems
A lightweight, battery-powered electric propulsion system is providing extended travel distances while reducing the use of emissions from fossil fuels.

Battery Power Reduces Emissions

Next-generation battery electric power is providing the means for transit buses with increased traveling distances per charge and reduced emissions. Developed by BAE Systems, the battery power and electric-hybrid propulsion system eliminates the need for a combustion engine in transit buses. The emission-free mode of public transportation is based on electric motors, controls, and rechargeable batteries to provide a clean means of public transportation for major cities around the world.

“Many cities are striving to get to zero emissions with their bus fleets and we are committed to supporting them with all-electric solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations,” said Steve Trichka, vice president and general manager of Power & Propulsion Solutions at BAE Systems. “Our Series-EV system provides operators with a highly reliable and low-cost battery electric option that not only gives them more flexibility and capability, but allows them to completely eliminate emissions on their bus fleets.”

The Series-EV system uses fewer, lighter components than previous electric-hybrid propulsion systems to enable extended traveling distances on a single charge. The unique propulsion design allows operators to customize their transportation solutions based on their propulsion and accessory power requirements. BAE Systems claims more than 10,000 electric-hybrid systems in service around the world in major cities, contributing to decreased use of fossil fuels and associated emissions.

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