MWRF 2014 Leaders Issue (.PDF Download)

Our editors have put together this special LEADERS IN MICROWAVES issue that features special technology articles, coupled with editorial insights and "leaders" profiles. Register or Login below to download this issue completely free.

Inside this Edition:

• Amplifiers Draw Upon A Variety Of Technologies. Many different device technologies are employed for gain in amplifiers, based on required bandwidths and output-power levels.

• Keeping Power Levels In Check. Directional couplers and power dividers/combiners are essential components for RF/microwave applications in which signals must be combined or divided.

• Manage Growing EM Radiation Levels. Effective shielding is now a standard requirement for many electronic designs, to prevent EM radiation from those devices from wreaking havoc with other electronic products.

• Generating Realistic Signals For Testing. Signal generators for RF/microwave testing are changing in mechanical formats, with a growing number of test sources available in compact housings suitable for on-site testing.

• Foundries Offer Large Process Menus. High-frequency chip and device designers can choose from the large number of semiconductor foundries serving this industry. ve.