Zigbee Alliance Approves Smart Energy 2.0 Draft

In the latest smart energy Working Group letter ballot, unanimous approval was given to the ZigBee Smart Energy Profile version 2.0, draft 0.7. As a result, the 0.7 draft now can be implemented. It is currently entering a testing phase, in which developers test products designed to conform to the draft for functionality and interoperability. This step helps the developers improve their products. It also aids in identifying any problems while providing feedback for final standard clarifications.

Smart Energy 2.0 will provide an IP-based energy-management solution that can run on a variety of wired and wireless communication protocols. Examples include protocols supported by the home- Grid Forum, HomePlug Powerline Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance, and ZigBee Alliance. Smart Energy 2.0 Already has garnered support from smart-meter manufacturers, device and appliance manufacturers, utilities, energy-service providers, and various government and standards organizations around the world. The goal of ZigBee Smart Energy is to enable energy service providers and utilities to wirelessly communicate with common household devices and manage them. Such devices include smart thermostats, in-home displays, and appliances.

Of course, there is still work to be done resolving comments from the public as well as those received during the letter ballot process. This month, the working group may conduct a series of quick recirculation ballots. The purpose of these ballots will be to approve any technical changes made to integrate the comments that were received during the letter ballot process.

The ZigBee Alliance will announce future public comment periods based on the successful completion of future development milestones. All materials for Smart Energy 2.0 can be found at www.ZigBee.org/smartenergy.

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