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YIG Oscillators Tune From 2 To 18 GHz

Electronically tunable over the entire 2-to-18-GHz frequency range, a family of YIG-tuned oscillators employs thin-film technology coupled with gallium-arsenide (GaAs) field-effect-transistor (FET) active devices for low phase noise. Versions are available with 1- and 30 mW output power and with integrated analog or 12-b digital drivers. A typical analog-driver control input of 0 to 10 V tunes the oscillator over the full frequency band. Thanks to a proprietary magnetic circuit and tight coupling between the YIG sphere and active device, the linearity of these oscillators is better than +/-12.5 MHz. The 5.0-to-18.0-GHz YOM2322, for example, delivers at least 13 mW of output power. RF power-output variation is +/-6 dB. Second-harmonic suppression is -12 dBc while other spurious signals are -60 dBc or better.

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