YIG Band-Reject Filters Span 2 To 18 GHz

In a 1.4-in. cube package, the MLFRD series of dual-channel band-reject filters target broadband receivers and a variety of electronic-warfare (EW) system applications. These filters offer more than 40 dB rejection over tightly controlled rejection bands to suppress unwanted signals. Rejection bands can be tuned over standard frequency bands of 2 to 6, 2 to 8, 6 to 18, and 8 to 18 GHz. In standard designs, tunable 3-dB bandwidths are 120 MHz with 40-dB bandwidths of 5 to 15 MHz available. The 6-to-18-GHz MLFRD-0618, for example, provides a 40-dB rejection bandwidth of 15 MHz minimum. The 40-dB rejection bandwidths are as wide as 35 MHz with 3-dB bandwidths as wide as 100 MHz. With passband voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) ranging to 2.10:1, the filter exhibits passband insertion loss to 2.0 dB.

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