Vector And Spectrum Analyzers Merge

To perform their jobs, RF engineers often rely on both spectrum analyzers and vector network analyzers (VNAs). To make it easier for designers to leverage these instruments, the ZVL series merges a full-featured VNA with a spectrum analyzer in one portable instrument. The ZVL is available in frequency ranges from 9 kHz to either 3 or 6 GHz. It flaunts dynamic range of 123 dB, bidirectional measurement capability, analysis functions like multi-trace display, and extensive marker functions. The instrument weighs just 15.4 lbs. It operates from either alternating current (AC) or battery power. The ZVL can be operated remotely via its 100BaseT Ethernet or optional GPIB interfaces. When configured with the optional spectrum-analysis capabilities, it can perform reflection and spectral measurements like adjacent-channel power or third-order intercept.

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