Vecima Networks Sells $8 Million Of Radio Spectrum

WITH SPECTRUM so much in demand by today's carriers, some firms with spectrum holdings are looking to capitalize on their assets. Vecima Networks, Inc. is a notable example, as its YourLink, Inc. subsidiary has agreed to sell a portion of its wireless spectrum assets in the 3.5-GHz band to a Canadian wireless service provider.

The transaction is structured in two phases. The first phase includes the purchase of 16 licensespredominantly in Alberta and Ontariofor a purchase price of $8 million. Following the Phase 1 closing, the purchaser will have paid for the option to purchase an additional 20 spectrum licenses in a second phase on or before December 31. The purchase price for those additional licenses ranges to $11 million.

The licensessold in both phases togetherrepresent approximately 58% of YourLink's current sub-10-GHz spectrum-asset holdings measured on a MHz-POP basis.

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