USB Sensors Read Pulse/Envelope Power

The LB679A/LB680A Universal Serial Bus (USB) power sensors from Ladybug Technologies measure average, pulse, and peak envelope power from -40 to +20 dBm at frequencies from 50 MHz to 20 GHz. The LB680A also provides pulse envelope profiling measurement capability for repetitive signals. Both units employ the firm's patent-pending PowerSensor+ technology for outstanding measurement stability from 0 to +50C without zeroing or calibration. In addition, the LB680A offers an optional wideband, real-time detector video output signal (option 0W2) for measuring one-shot signals and timing events.

According to Richard Hawkins, President of Ladybug Technologies, "With the introduction LB479/ LB480A RF USB peak envelope, pulse and average power USB sensors with PowerSensor+T technology a few years ago, Ladybug Technologies set the standard for easy-to-use, highly accurate power meters by eliminating the need to zero and calibrate a sensor before making an accurate measurement. Our new microwave peak envelope, pulse and average USB sensors continue our leadership efforts in offering compact, higher performance power measurement capability but with lower cost, to meet the evolving needs of the aerospace, defense and communications test communities."

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