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Transceiver ICs Bring ZigBee To Home And Factory

The ZIC2410 series of integrated ZigBee transceiver integrated circuits (ICs)from California Eastern Laboratories combine a fully compliant IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee RF transceiver with a 8051-based 8-b microprocessor. Operating in the 2.400-to-2.4835-GHz band, the device's transmitter offers maximum output power of +8 dBm with receiver sensitivity of -98 dBm. The transceiver supports data rates of 250 kb/s, 500 kb/s, and 1 Mb/s. The devices incorporate 96 kB of flash memory and 8 kB of data memory. Designed to operate from supplies of +1.5 to +3.3 VDC, the ZigBee ICs are available in choice of QN48 or VFBGA72 package. The power consumption is 30.6 mA at 0-dBm transmit power in the QN48 package and 29.7 mA at 0-dBm transmit power in the VFBGA72 package. The current draw is only 32.2 mA in receive mode and only 0.3 microamps in standby mode. The ZIC2410 transceivers are ideal for remote sensing, home and building automation, and security networks.

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