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Testing Agreement Will Hasten 4G Adoption

With a universal TD-LTE testing platform, the wireless industry stands poised to accelerate the development of a global fourth-generation (4G) standard. Accordingly, China Mobile and Clearwire Corp. have agreed on common test specifications and joint interoperability testing (IOT) for global-band TD-LTE devices. In doing so, they will accelerate the development of the TD-LTE device ecosystemespecially in multi-mode, multiband LTE devices.

The firms have been inspired by the expected availability of the quad-band LTE, 2.3-to-2.7-GHz spectrum range in addition to certain other bands like 1.9 GHz, frequency-division-duplexing (FDD), and TD-LTE mobility interactions. In conjunction with other Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) operators, China Mobile and Clearwire are currently working to establish 4G mobile-broadband labs. Clearwire plans to conduct its TD-LTE common IOT in Phoenix, AZ and Herndon, VA. China Mobile's testing will be carried out in Beijing and other TD-LTE trial cities.

The labs will feature a joint test platform and IOT environment for TD-LTE devices. As a result, they will allow for the evaluation and qualification of commercial TD-LTE devices simultaneously in the US, China, and other markets using a common testing methodology, equipment, and infrastructure. The joint test platforms will be open for device IOT by key participants early this year.

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