Test Set Checks Phase Noise

The all-digital model 5125A test set from Symmetricom is designed to measure the phase noise and Allan variance of high-frequency sources from 1 to 400 MHz. It can measure close-in phase noise to -145 dBc/Hz at an offset frequency of 1 Hz from a 10-MHz carrier and -130 dBc/z offset 1 Hz from a 100-MHz carrier. According to Dr. Samuel Stein, the Chief Technologist at Symmetricom, "The 5125A eliminates the need for tedious multi-step configuration and calibration routines through the use of the direct sampling technique developed by Symmetricom for lower frequency oscillators. By extending the technology of earlier generation test sets, we were able to obtain excellent performance from the 5125A throughout a much broader frequency range." The single-box solution incorporates the firm's patented phase-measurement algorithm for fast but accurate measurements at the click of a button. The analyzer can make accurate phase-noise measurements as close as 0.0001 Hz from the carrier.

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