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Technology Helps Track Locations

CommScope has developed a series of technology solutions for location-capable networks providing information, security, emergency 911, and other location-based services. The new technologies are being launched under the GeoLENs (for GeoLocation-Enabled Network) brand name. Andrew wireless location systems can apply various locating technologies, including handset-based, network-based, and hybrid location methods, to meet public safety and commercial location-based service requirements. The solutions are designed to work with a wide range of wireless systems, including WiMAX and Long Term Evolution (LTE) systems.

According to John Baker, Vice President and General Manager of Network Solutions for Andrew, "As our customers' networks evolve, so does Andrew's capabilities to support them with next-generation location technologies and solutions. The rapid adoption of IP technologies in networks, along with consumers' growing use of smartphones and advanced data applications, has quickly elevated the need for networks that are location-enabled. We believe we have created the best solution for carriers to address their needs today and in the future."

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