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Squat OCXOs Deliver 1-ppb Stability

Communication systems that are based on precise synchronization, such as Global Positioning System (GPS) infrastructure, demand ultra-stable frequency in small sizes. In hopes of satisfying such applications, an oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) is promising stability as low as 1.0 ppb at a height of less than 0.5 in. The NV47AG OCXO is available in frequencies from 5 to 13 MHz. It offers very low phase-noise options for both square-wave and sine-wave output signals. At 10 kHz frequency offset, for example, phase noise for a square wave will be -115 dBc/Hz. Phase noise will be -120 and 125 dBc/Hz, respectively, for the Option B and C sine waves at that same frequency offset. Versions are available for +5- or +12-V supplies. Options include lead-free (RoHS-6) or leaded and CMOS and sine-wave outputs. The NV47AG is well suited for base stations, test equipment, synthesizers, and digital-switching applications.

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