Software Checks Test Coverage

The model N1194A Agilent Test Coverage Consultant (ATCC) software from Agilent Technologies assists with the development of tests for new products. The software measures the test coverage of a product after the tests have been developed and predicts the test coverage of a product based only on computer-aided-engineering (CAE) layout files. These two capabilities make it possible to estimate test coverage early in the life cycle of a product, assisting test managers in optimizing manufacturing test coverage.

According to Adrian Cheong, Technical Marketing Manager for in-circuit and functional test at Agilent, "The Agilent Test Coverage Consultant can save days in engineering by automating the currently manual test coverage analysis process, which may lead to faster time to market in today's fast-paced production. With the ability to analyze the coverage based on user selectable, Agilent in-circuit test features, as well as the use of PCOLA-SOQ metrics, engineers can make a more complete test coverage report."

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