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Sizing Up Energy Harvesting

With energy harvesting techniques continuing to surge in popularity, it’s little wonder that tools for gauging their effectiveness have likewise grown in demand. And now, RF designers have a promising new option available for evaluating their applications’ energy harvesting wireless solutions.

Jointly released in North America by EnOcean and Future Energy Solutions (FES), the new ESK 300C starter kit includes a variety of energy converters and modules. Specifically, it consists of a switch module for building services, components for different switch applications, a temperature sensor module, a Universal-Serial-Bus (USB) gateway, personal-computer (PC) software for visualization, and a sample case for industrial switching solutions.

Using the kit, designers can apply energy harvesting technology to markets ranging from building automation to smart homes and smart metering. The various components allow users to implement switches and interior temperature sensors, in addition to a variety of industrial switches—among them, wireless position switches and solutions to control gates.

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