Simulator Links To Layout Tools

Software developer Intercept Technology has announced an enhanced bidirectional link between their Mozaix schematic software and Pantheon layout application and the popular Microwave Office suite of computer-aided-engineering (CAE) simulation tools from AWR Corp. The bidirectional capability couples Intercept's Mozaix schematic, with full RF model and layout information imported and pushed forward from Mozaix to Pantheon PCB/Hybrid/RF layout, and AWR's Microwave Office RF/Microwave design environment. Mozaix and Pantheon also offer an alternative design flow into Microwave Office for post-layout, final design verification.

"Intercept has demonstrated flexibility and responsiveness in not only dealing with our mutual customer requests, design and enhancements but in general as an AWR Alliance partner," says Sherry Hess, Vice President of Marketing at AWR. "Focusing on the needs of the customer is a trait both companies share, and share strongly."

"AWR Corp. has been very responsive to our engineering efforts," adds Abby Monaco, Product Manager for Intercept, "allowing us to further expand our user base with Intercept's RF design and simulation capabilities."

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