Signal Boosters Help First Responders

Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI) has introduced a 700/800-MHz Signal Booster in support of in-building wireless communications for public safety officials. The system is designed to maintain reliable wireless communications in difficult in-building environments, including in basements and stairwells. The product is aimed at improving "first responder" communications and covers both 700- and 800-MHz frequency bands while reducing interference from out-of-band signals.

Martin Cassidy, CSI's Vice-President of Business Development, notes: "It has become increasingly important to provide clear wireless communications to first responders or the fire, police, and emergency personnel who are often first on the scene. These personnel require reliable in-building wireless service whether they're in the basement of a burning building or aiding those in need trapped in stairwells." The 700/800 MHz Signal Booster is fully compliant with NEMA-4 standards and offers complete power protection in case of an outage.

Cellular Specialties, Inc. (

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