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Searching For Success In These Hard Times

Congratulations to TriQuint Semiconductor (see lead news story) for the company's new-found notoriety as part of an appearance on PBS Television and "NewsHour With Jim Lehrer." The semiconductor company was among several technology firms praised for maintaining a strong business and positive attitude during current difficult economic times. TriQuint began life years ago as a GaAs foundry but has since diversified into a variety of commercial and military markets with a strong portfolio of standard device products.

During difficult economic times, the lesson learned from companies such as TriQuint Semiconductor, and firms like Mini-Circuits, which has continued to expand its product lines over the years to include a wide range of active and passive components and even test equipment, is to diversify. Diversification should include not only the product lines, but the markets that they target. Not only does the approach help to buffer a company's business when one market segment may be weak, it also forces a firm to remain open to prospects beyond a current product line, and fuels opportunities for growth.

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