Save An Extra Place At Dinner

The last week or two of the year are often difficult times to stay focused. Those of us working in publishing or in media, where production schedules never rest, do not typically have the luxury of slowing down much, if at all, during these last several weeks. But many high-frequency electronics companies, in realizing the difficulty in motivating staffs during extended holiday periods, such as the time from Christmas through New Year's Day, will often build "down time" into their production schedules during the last one or two weeks of each year. Some companies, with a nod to human nature, will even shut down for the last one or two weeks of the year, hoping to pick up production with renewed vigor during the start of the New Year.

From our family at Microwaves & RF, we wish you and your family, both at home and at your company, all the best during the holidays and for the coming 2011. At the same time, we hope you will remember our armed forces overseas, those troops who have pledged to protect us, and who can't be with their families during these holidays. Much of our technology is devoted to giving those troops an edge in battle, so that one day they can come home.

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