RF Power Meter Wins US Military Support

The model 1830A RF power meter from TEGAM, Inc. is the instrument of choice when making RF power measurements at three branches of the US military. The instrument has been awarded a national stock number (NSN) of 6625015667703, with orders placed by the US Army, Navy, and National Guard for the high-performance RF/microwave power meter. It is designed to work with 100- and 200-ohm thermistor power sensors from major manufacturers, including Agilent Technologies, General Microwave, and TEGAM.

According to Adam Fleder, President of TEGAM, "We expected this product to be very popular, as it fills a unique void in the market. The initial response to the product has been extremely positive." The 1830A is designed for applications requiring low measurement uncertainty, including in metrology, research, and production testing of RF equipment. Its accuracy is within 0.05 percent of a reading.

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