RF MEMS Startup Secures Funding

DELFMEMS, a developer of microelectromechanical- systems (MEMS) switching solutions and a startup player in the field of RF components, has secured $1.9 million in venture-capital (VC) funding. This funding was supplied by A2D Invest, Alliansys, Finorpa, Inovam, Rhône-Alpes-Création, and several business angels (Nord, XMP Business Angels, and IT @ngels). The funding will be used for the delivery of standalone products for instrumentation and defense. It also will support the creation of partnerships for integration into mobile-phone front-end modules.

DelfMEMS has proposed an integrated, micro-mechanical building block. It is based on a new IP portfolio, which promises to solve past issues while improving hot-switching behavior, switching time (less than 1 μs), and power consumption (12-V actuation voltage, electrostatic). According to the firm’s Founder and CEO, Olivier Millet, “DelfMEMS’ technology enables its customers to increase bandwidth while minimizing cost, size, and consumption.”

With the VC funds, the company will be able to develop dedicated thin-film packaging that offers the benefits of the DelfMEMS technology and complete integration at a lower cost. The firm is engaged in discussions with more than 50 companies.

DelfMEMS believes in collaboration with VCs to maximize the benefits for all parties. Finorpa, Inovam, and Nord Création—the earlier investors in DELFMEMS—work with the management team and are convinced that the company will become a leading player in the MEMS field. “DelfMEMS’ innovative proposition and technological milestones demonstrate their ability to deliver future quality products,” says Thierry Chevallier, Investment Director, Finorpa. “The recent capital increase will help in achieving the product roadmap and securing clients for DelfMEMS’ technology.”

“We are impressed with DelfMEMS’s disruptive technology,” states Mathieu Viallard, Investment Officer, Rhône- Alpes Création. “We anticipate that it will achieve the highest technical standards required for the tunable module market.” The investment marks an important step for this VC. “This fundraising proves that regional VCs can work hand in hand to support cuttingedge startups,” Mathieu states. For more information on the company, visit: www. delfmems.com.

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