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Raytheon Aids Radiation Detection In Florida

Raytheon Co. has delivered its third Mobile Nuclear Radiation Detection System (MNRDS) to Florida's Department of Transportation. The MNRDS is a mobile radiation detection system mounted in a sports utility vehicle (SUV). It can detect and identify nuclear radiation in mobile and stationary operations using advanced spectroscopic technology. It will expand the state's capability to safeguard against nuclear threats on highways, bridges, overpasses, tunnels, ports of entry, and public venues and other large gatherings that might be considered targets.

Karen Kalil Brown, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems Vice President of National & Theater Security Programs, says that "With this third delivery, the state of Florida is expanding its ability to protect citizens against nuclear threats. We're proud that Florida continues to choose this proven capability to meet a critical need shared by every state with a large city." The delivery strengthens Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems' position as a source for homeland security solutions for all levels of government.

In a separate contract, Raytheon was awarded $23 million by the United States Army as a contract extension to provide mission support and system sustainment for the Rapid Aerostat Initial Deployment (RAID) systems that protect US and coalition forces deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. Of this contract Kalil-Brown notes, "This additional mission and sustainment support will further improve RAID's capability as a multifunctional battlefi eld system, providing enhanced situational awareness to the warfi ghter. This award enables Raytheon to continue providing unparalleled support to our warfi ghters and reinforces an unwavering commitment to ensuring the highest operational readiness."

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