QUALCOMM Equips 300 Million Mobile Handsets Worldwide With GPS

San Diego, CAQUALCOMM, Inc., a developer of code-division multiple access (CDMA) and other advanced wireless technologies, has marked a milestone in the adoption of the company's gpsOne® position-location technology. More than 300 million mobile handsets worldwide have now been shipped with the gpsOne solution, helping the wireless industry meet worldwide user demand for accurate, easy-to-use location services on mobile devices.

"QUALCOMM powers the majority of mobile location services that have been deployed thus far, and this milestone reflects the accelerated expansion of GPS capabilities on mobile handsets using QUALCOMM's gpsOne solution," states Jason Bremner, senior director of product management for QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies. "We anticipate even stronger growth in the upcoming years as new mobile-based applications such as location-aware shopping, friend finder, and community-type location services become more mainstream in consumers' daily lifestyles."

The gpsOne solution is the most widely deployed position-location solution in the world. It currently provides the position-location technology behind the majority of location services offered by more than 50 major network operators worldwide. Supporting Assisted-GPS and Standalone-GPS modes, as well as gpsOneXTRA™ Assistance technology for enhanced Standalone-GPS performance, the gpsOne solution is integrated into most of QUALCOMM's Mobile Station Modem™ (MSM™) chip sets to enable manufacturers to more cost effectively offer positioning capabilities on wireless devices.

For additional information, see www.qualcomm.com.

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