Power Dividers Span 0.5 To 8 GHz

Power Dividers Span 0.5 To 8 GHz

The 4436 family of RF/microwave power dividers includes two-way, three-way, four-way, and eight-way versions from 500 MHz to 8 GHz. These compact, low-loss units can handle peak input power levels to 1.5 mW and continuous-wave (CW) levels to 500 mW (+27 dBm), as well as operate at temperatures from 0 to +70 C with humidity to 95% (non-condensing). As an example, model 4436-2 is a two-way power divider with less than 1.5 dB insertion loss across the full frequency range. It exhibits maximum input VSWR of 1.80:1 and maximum output VSWR of 1.50:1. The isolation from input to output ranges from 12 dB through 700 MHz, 20 dB from 0.7 to 6.0 GHz, and 18 dB from 6 to 8 GHz. The worst-case phase imbalance is 10 deg. The compact two-way power divider weighs only 3.9 oz. with SMA female connectors.

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