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Power Dividers Extend From 380 To 2700 MHz

By leveraging a unique airline coaxial structure, a line of unequal power dividers manages to maintain a fixed split ratio over a 380-to-2700-MHz bandwidth. Ripple and insertion loss are kept to a minimum. Insertion loss, for example, is 1.36 dB for ports J1-J3 and 6 dB for ports J1-J2 for the UN-06N. For the UN-30N, it is 0.01 dB for J1-J3 and 30 dB for J1-J2. The UN-10N falls in the middle of this nine-member series with nominal insertion loss of 0.46 dB for J1-J3 and 10 dB for J1-J2. Direct current (DC) is continuous through the main line. The coupled port is DC-isolated from the main line. It only passes RF power. Split ratios range from 1:3 to 1:1000 (6 to 30 dB). The dividers' mechanical design has no solder joints. To achieve an IP65 rating, it uses flange-mount connectors with O rings.

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