Power Amp Delivers 5 W Over 18 To 26.5 GHz

Model AMF-8B-18002650-70-37P-PS from Miteq is a self-cooled 3-RU rack-mount high-power amplifier that delivers a minimum of 5 W of power over 18 to 26.5 GHz. Its SMA connectorized box, which can be horizontally or vertically mounted, is 3.47 in. high, 16.99 in. wide excluding brackets, and 12.12 in. deep including fans. The housing is EMI shielded, CE certified, and can operate in ambient temperature up to +50?C. The amplifier includes over temperature protection, full internal regulation, and an optional 20-dB output coupled port. Nominal small-signal gain is 50 dB and Psat is typically 38 ?1 dBm. The unit runs from 90-240 VAC, 40-400 Hz, with power draw less than 80W.

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