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Portable Handheld Analyzers Span 2 To 1600 MHz

Interoperability continues to be a problem for homeland-security, public-safety, and other agencies. To assuage this problem, the S311D/S312D Site Master cable and antenna analyzers combine a frequency of 2 to 1600 MHz in a portable, rugged design that weighs less than 5 lbs. The analyzers were developed to test the RF performance of P25 and TETRA systems in the very-high-frequency (VHF)/ultra-high-frequency (UHF), 400-MHz, and 700-to800-MHz bands. The S311D/S312D can identify poor connections, damaged cables, water penetration, and bad antennas. Thanks to their RF immunity protection, users can even make highly accurate measurements in RF-rich environments. The S312D features a –135 dBm noise floor to find low-level signals that can interfere with LMR and SMR systems. P&A: Base prices start at $4950 for the S311D and $7950 for the S312D. Delivery is 6 to 8 weeks ARO.

Anritsu Co., 490 Jarvis Dr., Morgan Hill, CA 95037-2809; (408) 778-2000, FAX: (408) 7761744, Internet:

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