Peregrine Teams With MagnaChip Semiconductor

High-performance RF CMOS supplier Peregrine Semiconductor has completed the final qualification phase in transferring its UltraCMOS silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) technology to MagnaChip Semiconductor's Cheongju wafer manufacturing facility. The two firms began the final qualification phase of the technology transfer in July 2008 in order to expand production capabilities of its UltraCMOS technology.

As Jim Cable, Chief Executive Officer of Peregrine, notes: "We always understood that the value of UltraCMOS to the RF industry would be its unique ability to manufacture products with the highest RF performance possible, and ensure swift portability from fab to fab because of its industry-standard CMOS foundation. With MagnaChip as a fully qualified and deployed manufacturing resource, our customers continue to be assured of the supply and availability of Peregrine's products and technology." The qualification procedure includes completion of a 500-hour reliability test with zero failures.

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