Ahuja Heads Wireless Broadband Venture
Chief Executive Officer of Harbinger Capital Partners' new nationwide 4G-LTE wireless broadband company. Ahuja will lead the development and deployment of the network's nationwide rollout. In addition to controlling access to 13 MHz of terrestrial spectrum, the new company has a controlling interest in SkyTerra Communications, Inc., an L-band (MSS) company. The company will build an LTE network that combines a terrestrial wireless-broadband network with next-generation satellite technology to provide nationwide wirelessbroadband connectivity. In 2007, Ahuja founded Augere, a company delivering affordable wireless broadband to underserved customers in developing markets like Bangladesh and Pakistan. He is also the Founder and Chairman of Eaton Telecom, a telecommunicationsinfrastructure company with a presence in 12 African countries.

TiaLinx, Inc.DR. MOKHTARI has been named Vice President of Advanced Product Development. He is an expert in the design and implementation of advanced radar and communications semiconductor and system devices as well as a veteran of many advanced research laboratories in the US, Fortune 500 wireless-communications companies, and defense industries.
BC Systems
JOSEPH SEMINOROhas been named Manager of Business Development. He was formerly Manager of Business Development with Microphase Corp.
Harris Corp.
DANIEL R. PEARSON has been named Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. He was previously Group President for the company's Government Communications Systems business. He succeeds ROBERT. K. HENRY, who will retire in August after 13 years with the company. SHELDON J. FOX was named Group President - Government Communications Systems, reporting to Pearson. He was previously President - National Programs. STEPHEN E. SHANCK has been appointed President of the Public Safety and Professional Communications (PSPC) business. Previously, Shanck served as Executive Vice President of Secure Networks North America for EADS, Inc.
WiSpry, Inc.
JEFFREY HILBERT has been promoted to President. He is the Founder of WiSpry and served as its past President and Chief Operating Officer. Hilbert intends to begin shipping the industry's first tunable RF MEMS devices. RUSS GARCIA, the current CEO, will continue to serve on WiSpry's Board of Directors as Vice Chairman.
RFaxisKENICHI KAWASAKI, General Manager of Millimeter-Wave Systems Development for Sony Corp., has joined RFaxis' Board of Advisors. Prior to his current position, Kawasaki led the product design and development of broadcasting satellite receivers and digital televisions. He also was responsible for major research on wireless technologies.
Integrated Microwave Technologies FRANK GIANNUZZI has been appointed Vice President of North American Broadcast Sales. He previously served as National Business Development Manager at Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Company.

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