Raytheon Recognizes Employees As Missile-Defense Pioneers
MICHAEL T. BORKOWSKI, technical director, Raytheon RF Components, and DAVID G. LAIGHTON, former chief engineer, Raytheon RF Components received the Missile Defense Agency's Technology Pioneer Award at the 6th Annual US Missile Defense Conference in Washington, D.C. Borkowski and Laighton were honored for the development of affordable and reliable X-band, solid-state, monolithic-microwave-integrated-circuit (MMIC) transmit-receive modules. Those modules form the basic building block of the current US Ballistic Missile Defense System X-band radars. These Raytheon-developed sensors include the AN/TPY-2, X-band radar aboard the Sea-Based X-band radar vessel, Ground-Based Radar-Prototype, and the Transportable Surveillance X-band radar.

Radio Systems (RFS)MODESTE ADDRA appointed global product line manager of radio link networks; formerly chief technology officer.
Rockwell Collins
DAVID YEOMAN named senior director of enterprise communications; formerly responsible for brand management, media relations, and webmanagement activities.
RF Micro Devices (RFMD)
WILLIAM J. PRATT, chief technical officer, and POWELL T. SEYMOUR, corporate vice president of strategic operations, have retired from the company. Bill Pratt, Powell Seymour, and Jerry Neal founded RFMD in 1991. Pratt served as chairman of the board from 1991 until August 2002 and continues to serve on RFMD's board of directors.
JAMES F. MULATO promoted to president of EADS North America Test and Services Division; formerly North America Test and Services executive vice president.
Phase MatrixSURESH P. OJHA appointed RF & microwave engineer, frequency synthesis group; previously designed cellular-base-station power amplifiers and signal sources for Agilent Technologies and Giga-tronics.
Lockheed Martin
RONALD T. RAND named senior vice president, communications. Rand succeeds Dennis R. Boxx, who retired earlier in April. Rand formerly served as Pratt & Whitney's vice president, communications.
WADE HULON named vice president and general manager of the Americas sales region; formerly national sales manager for telecommunications manufacturers.
CRAIG TAYLOR promoted to general manager of business and application development; previously VP of engineeringfrequency control products, VP/CTO, and director of worldwide engineering at SaRonix.
Maury Microwave Corp.
STEVE DUDKIEWICZ joins the company as director of sales and marketing for Europe, Canada, Israel, India, and Africa; formerly senior applications & sales engineer at Focus Microwaves.

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